This section was created to allow everyone to see some of the fans that were influenced by Garbage Pail Kids.  Anything from fan artwork to photographs can go in this section.  The artwork has to be appropriate and worth displaying (a high enough quality that other visitors would really enjoy seeing).  The photographs can be just about anything as long as they are heavily connected to Garbage Pail Kids.  I most likely will edit out anything non-GPK from photographs, which is why you may find some photographs that look like they had something cut out.
Garbage Pail Kids Fans
Artwork - Mike Buckley: 104a Silent Sandy / 104b Barren Aaron and 137a Max Axe / 137b Deadly Dudley Artwork - Gabe Crate: See Ya' Sia Artwork - Trenton Doyle Hancock: Me A Mound - Promotional Card and Book Artwork - Dave Johnson: 1d Slicin' Dyson and 1c Chopped Louie Artwork - Robert West: 4a Fryin' Brian and 7a Stormy Heather / 7b April Showers Artwork - Robert West: 9a Boozin' Bruce and 68b Dizzy Dave Artwork - Robert West: 457a Sally Suction / 457b Teethin' Trina and 487b Maimed Mamie
Artwork - Robert West: Daughter Portrait Artwork - Derek Yu: Pesty Linds and War Warren Artwork - Derek Yu: Famine Fanny and Death Seth Artwork - Kris: 87a Hot Head Harvey / 87b Roy Bot Sculpture (front view) Artwork - Kris: 87a Hot Head Harvey / 87b Roy Bot Sculpture (back view) Artwork - Kris: 88a Dinah Saur / 88b Farrah Fossil Sculpture (front view) Artwork - Kris: 88a Dinah Saur / 88b Farrah Fossil Sculpture (side view)
Artwork - Kris: 108a Smelly Sally / 108b Fishy Phyllis Sculpture Artwork - Kris: 129a Second Hand Rose / 129a Trashed Tracy Sculpture Halloween Costume - Diego Gonzalez Halloween Costume - James Homemade Item - Diego Gonzalez: Russian Garbage Pail Kids Card with John Pound Autograph Music - Hip Hop Hostile Takeover Music - Murder Ranks
Music - The Nipples Music - The Nipples: Autographed Poster Music - The Phantom Surfers Music - Rebel Girl Underground Tattoo - Adam "Bomb" DeVore Tattoo - Penny Dreadful Tattoo - Jim Stasio Jr.
Artwork - Mike Buckley:
       Mike created two watercolor paintings, which were of 104a Silent Sandy / 104b Barren Aaron (from the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 3) and 137a Max Axe / 137b Deadly Dudley (from the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 4).  He began by tracing out his design on watercolor paper and then painted the picture with watercolor paints.  He finished the paintings with a gloss polymer medium.  He used a unique, puncture technique for texturing the paper, which was done by pressing pointy objects (very small screwdrivers, pins, etc.) into the back of the paper.  Each painting measures 10" x 14".  

Artwork - Gabe Crate:
       Gabe is a professional cartoonist who has worked on television shows such as The Tick and The Flickers.  Gabe created the See Ya' Sia artwork for a friend for her birthday.  

Artwork - Trenton Doyle Hancock:
       Trenton is a professional artist that is also a huge Garbage Pail Kids fan.  His artwork has been shown in galleries in New York, such as the James Cohan Gallery.
     Trenton put together a large scale book of his work.  The book was comprised of his stories and the paintings that illustrate those stories.  It is the world's very first monographic novel.  With the help of PictureBox Inc., Trenton was able to get his book published.  You can now purchase his book, titled "Me A Mound", at various online book stores.
     Trenton created a promotional card for the book.  Since he is a fan of Garbage Pail Kids, the artwork on the front of the card shares the Garbage Pail Kids painting style and also incorporates one of the mounds from his book.  Trenton personally signed the back of the card he had given me.

Artwork - Dave Johnson:
       Dave is a long-time Garbage Pail Kids collector, and he wanted to create a Garbage Pail Kids character on his own.  He came up with around 20 different concepts, and he chose to fully design the one that appealed to him the most.  He began by creating a pencil sketch of the character.  Then, he scanned in the sketch and finished the artwork using Adobe Photoshop.  Even though Dave's painting experience was limited, he studied some Adobe Photoshop tutorials on the Internet and was able to "paint" his character using the software.
Dave originally numbered the Slicin' Dyson character as 1d.  The "d" in the number 1d stands for "Dave".  He later added in the Chopped Louie character and numbered it 1c.
Dave does know that his character does not fully follow the Garbage Pail Kids artwork style, but it was a good first effort and learning experience.  One of his goals is to get at least one of his paintings or concepts used on a Garbage Pail Kids card.

Artwork - Robert West:
       Robert created six different Garbage Pail Kids paintings back in 2002 and 2003.  He showed the paintings on the last day of the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con International.  The paintings were done on a variety of canvas sizes (14" x 18", 20" x 30", 24" x 30", 24" x 48", and 30" x 40").  Five paintings were done in acrylic, and one painting was done in oil pastel.
     His paintings were of: 4a Fryin' Brian (from the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 - acrylic on canvas - 24" x 30"), 7a Stormy Heather / 7b April Showers (from the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 - acrylic on canvas - 20" x 30"), 9a Boozin' Bruce (from the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 - acrylic on canvas - 30" x 40"), 68b Dizzy Dave (from the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 - acrylic on canvas - 24" x 48"), 457a Sally Suction / 457b Teethin' Trina (from the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 11 - oil pastel on canvas - 14" x 18"), and 487b Maimed Mamie (from the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 12 - acrylic on canvas - 24" x 30").
     Robert had also created a GPK-style painting of his daughter.  Obviously, he wanted a more innocent and non-gross look to the character since it was his daughter.  The painting was done in acrylic paint on canvas, and it measures 11" x 14".

Artwork - Derek Yu:
       Derek created four pieces of Garbage Pail Kids artwork for a contest on an artist forum.  The theme of the contest was the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  The Four Horsemen could be designed any way you wanted to design them.  The goal of the contest was to spark creativity.  Since Garbage Pail Kids were a huge part of Derek's childhood, he decided to design Garbage Pail Kids characters as the Four Horsemen.  Derek also felt that it was possible to find real Garbage Pail Kids cards that could fit the description of each of the Horsemen.  He tried to make the theme a little darker than regular Garbage Pail Kids cards, and he gave each of the characters an evil hobby-horse to ride on.
     The characters were first sketched on paper with pencil and then scanned in to use as reference.  All of the cards were painted in Adobe Photoshop.  Adobe Illustrator was used to create the sticker outlines and logos.  Each painting took approximately 10 to 20 hours, and Derek worked on them on and off for about a month and a half.
     From the Wikipedia website, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are mentioned in the Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation, which predicts that they will ride during the Apocalypse.  The Four Horsemen are traditionally named: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.  However, the Bible actually only names one: Death."

Artwork - Kris:
       Kris is a Garbage Pail Kids fan from Nazareth, Pennsylvania.  He created sculptures of some of the characters from the original Garbage Pail Kids series.  He provided details about each of the sculptures, which can be read below.
     The first sculpture shown is of the United States Garbage Pail Kids 3rd series character 87a Hot Head Harvey / 87b Roy Bot.  Kris wrote about the sculpture: "'Roy Bot' is a sculpture based on Garbage Pail Kids card #87b.  It is constructed primarily of cardboard and Styrofoam.  The armature is wooden dowels and 3/8" aluminum bars.  It started as a bald Cabbage Patch Kid Head spray painted with metallic silver paint.  The arms and legs are black-plastic discharge hose from a hardware store.  The missiles and missile chambers are orange electrical wire nuts and thread spools respectively.  The rear of Roy Bot, which obviously is not visible on the card, has some improvised details.  There are telephone wire jacks and telephone wires affixed to the rear of Roy Bot.  Additionally, there are hazardous chemical labels positioned on the rear fuel tank.  The Roy Bot sculpture, admittedly, is not 100% true to the original card as it does not have the laser turret on head, the missiles are in a different position, and the facial painting is slightly different.  This was done intentionally as artistic license.  The main sections of the sculpture were covered with paper towels soaked in white glue.  The sculpture was painted with acrylic paint and airbrushed with battle damage/burn marks and sealed with polyurethane.  Roy Bot was made in 2006, stands 23" high, and took about 6 weeks to complete."
     The second sculpture shown is of the United States Garbage Pail Kids 3rd series character 88a Dinah Saur / 88b Farrah Fossil.  Kris wrote about the sculpture: "'Farah Fossil' is a sculpture based on Garbage Pail Kids card #88b.  It is constructed primarily of paper.  The sculpture started as a plywood spine connected to a wooden base.  Each vertebra was made of Styrofoam and attached to the wooden spine.  This served as a basis for the rest of the sculpture.  Each of the larger bones was made of cardboard and rolled newspaper and individually covered in paper towels soaked in glue.  The smaller bones were made of a soft, moldable foam product called Model Magic and then covered in paper towels soaked in glue.  The cranium was made of a large newspaper ball, cut and shaped to accept teeth and eyes.  The sculpture, admittedly, does not follow the original card 100%.  There were certain liberties that I took to add additional detail, such as fully articulate hands, that were not reflected in the original card.  The sculpture consists of 139 individual bones, each individually constructed and painted.  The entire sculpture was painted with acrylic paint and airbrushed for detail and sealed with polyurethane.  Farah Fossil was finished in 2007, stands 20" high and 36" long, and took 12 weeks to complete."
     The third sculpture shown is of the United States Garbage Pail Kids 3rd series character 108a Smelly Sally / 108b Fishy Phyllis.  Kris wrote about the sculpture: "'Smelly Sally #108a' is a sculpture based on Garbage Pail Kids card # 108a.  It is constructed primarily of cardboard and paper.  The sculpture started as a Cabbage Patch Kid doll head and a series of newspaper balls.  The newspaper balls formed the body, arms, hands, and tail.  To create the fish scales, small squares of the bed sheet were folded, soaked in glue, and attached to the body.  The sardine can was constructed of a plywood base with cardboard walls.  A length of coaxial television cable served as the lip around the opening of the sardine can.  The entire sculpture was covered in paper towel soaked in glue and painted with acrylic paint and sealed with polyurethane.  The fish scales and tail were sprayed with glitter for added detail.  Smelly Sally was made in 2006, stands roughly 24" high, and took 4 weeks to complete."
     The forth sculpture shown is of the United States Garbage Pail Kids 4th series character 108a Smelly Sally / 108b Fishy Phyllis.  Kris wrote about the sculpture: "'Trashed Tracy 129b' is a sculpture based on Garbage Pail Kids card #129b.  It is constructed primarily of paper and also has parts made of wood and wire.  The sculpture started as a Cabbage Patch Kid doll head, which was distressed (trashed) using a razor knife and sand paper.  The body, including the torso, right arm, hands, legs and feet are made of cardboard covered with paper towels that had been soaked in white glue.  Great care was taken to mimic the exact position of the limbs, accessories, and wounds of the original card.  The sculpture was painted with acrylic paints and sealed with polyurethane.  Trashed Tracy was made in 2006, stands 18" high, and took about 4 weeks to complete."

Halloween Costume - Diego Gonzalez:
       Diego made his Adam Bomb card costume by first scanning in the original card at a very high resolution.  He then made some minor touch-ups, removed the die-cut, and scaled the image to fit 42" wide, which was the maximum size he was able to print the card at using an HP800 ColorJet printer.  This gave him the idea to cut out a face hole in the mushroom cloud.  After printing the full size card's front and back, he glued and sandwiched the pieces together onto cardboard.  He left the bottom open, so he would be able to slide through it.  He cut out holes for his hands in the place that Adam Bomb's hands were located.  He put together a cardboard detonator to hold, and his wife painted his face to blend in with the mushroom cloud.
     Diego created his costume for a 2003 Halloween party in San Diego at the 4th&B.  The party was sponsored by BrandX Morning Radio, and the event was called the "Brandexorcism".  Roughly three to four hundred people were in attendance along with two cover bands.  A couple of local TV and radio personalities were there to judge the contest (the most popular being the San Diego Chicken).  The three finalists were first voted on by the judges.  Then, they were taken on stage to be judged by the audience.  Diego's costume won the grand prize, which was a 2-night vacation to the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas and $191 in gaming chips.  Congratulations Diego!

Halloween Costume - James:
       James created his Adam Bomb Halloween costume from scratch starting with a wire frame that he put wall patching material over.  He then put a stocking over the frame and stuffed it with fake spider webbing.  He sewed the face in with a needle and thread and then painted the entire head.  He originally had a 1-foot explosion coming out of the head, but it was too heavy.
     James created the costume for a 2003 Halloween party in Buffalo, NY.  James mentioned that he choose Adam Bomb for his costume because that was the character he always remembered spotting while search for Garbage Pail Kids cards at the flea markets back in the early 1990s.

Homemade Item - Diego Gonzalez: Russian Garbage Pail Kids Card:
       Being the avid Garbage Pail Kids fan he is, Diego created his own non-US Garbage Pail Kids card for fun.  For his card, he chose a country that you would not expect to ever produce their own version of Garbage Pail Kids.  He decided on Russia, and he used one of his favorite Garbage Pail Kids characters from the original United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 1, 5a Dead Ted / 5b Jay Decay.  For the other side of his card, he used the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 wanted card back, "Wanted: For Creating A Health Hazard - Slob".
     For the text, he used an online translator, which converted the text from English to Russian.  The title on the banner should roughly translate to "Trash Buddies", and the character name should roughly translate to "Rotting Vladimir".  The wanted back should translate close to what the the original, English text was.
     The red border on the front of the card was taken from the Argentina Garbage Pail Kids release called "Basuritas & Monsters".  The red border has a unique, blood-dripping look, which is why Diego choose to use it instead of a plain white border.
     On some of the non-US Garbage Pail Kids releases, the manufacturers had edited out any reference to the name Garbage Pail Kids including "GPK" because their version was not called Garbage Pail Kids.  Following what some of those non-US GPK manufacturers did, Diego decided to edit out the GPK that appeared on the tombstone in the background of the painting.  Diego also choose to edit in a hammer and sickle since it was supposed to be a Russian GPK card.  This was similar to the Italian Garbage Pail Kids (called Sgorbions) where the manufacturer edited in soccer balls to some of the backgrounds.
     After everything was ready, Diego printed the design on thin, glossy paper and then cut out the individual cards.  The cards measured the standard 2.5" x 3.5".
     Diego printed up a very small amount of his Russian GPK cards and gave them to some of the other Garbage Pail Kids collectors.  In appreciation for working on Garbage Pail Kids, Diego sent a couple of his Russian GPK cards to John Pound.  One card was for John Pound to keep, and the other card was for John Pound to autograph and send back to Diego.  The card shown above was the one John Pound had autographed.

Music - Hip Hop Hostile Takeover:
       The graphic featuring the Garbage Pail Kids character Hot Head Harvey / Roy Bot was used for the Hip Hop Hostile Takeover flyer for Kulture Entertainment's March 23rd 2002 show at the Emerson Theater located in Indianapolis, IN.  I am not sure why they choose to use a Garbage Pail Kids character in the flyer.  The event featured a variety of hip hop artists and DJs.  I unfortunately did not get a print version of the flyer, so I do not know if it was just a Xerox or high-quality color copy.  

Music - Murder Ranks:
       Murder Ranks is a band from Denver, Colorado that was formed in February of 2008.  Their music is a combination of dub and punk rock.  Mike Buckley, the Garbage Pail Kids fan who created a couple of paintings shown above, is a member of the band and wrote me about their promtional CD.
     The band's shaped, business card CD was put together to promote an upcoming album.  But, this album will never be released because the band lost their female singer, and they did not like the sound quality of the recordings.  Only 200 copies of this CD were made.  The CD features one track that runs about five minutes long.  The track contains samples from eight songs (1. Cowboys and Indians, 2. Killing U2, 3. Broadway, 4. Save the Pixie!, 5. Too Young (instrumental), 6. Killed a Girl, 7. Too Young, and 8. Surgeon Technique) that would have been on the full album.  In-between the song samples are mixed excerpts that came from two cardboard records.  The two cardboard records were originally advertisements for mail order record collections for Bing Crosby and classical music.
     The band decided to use Garbage Pail Kids artwork for the CD cover because the CD was about as small as a trading card.  The Garbage Pail Kids artwork used for the CD is from an unpublished painting by John Pound.  This artwork was originally created for the United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 2, but Topps decided not to use it.

Music - The Nipples:
       The Nipples are a band from Southern California that play primarily in Los Angeles and Orange County.  The band has been playing together since the late-1990s.  They are a punk band but not in the traditional sense since they do not sing about political issues.  They decided not to force their views down listener's throats.  Instead, they remind listeners that life can always be fun.  With that in mind, they decided to come up with a catchy name that was also funny, and The Nipples was the name that stuck.
     The idea of the Garbage Pail Kids' artwork on the CD was an easy choice for them.  The singer, Art Teat, is a devout Garbage Pail Kids fanatic.  He contacted John Pound and asked him if he would be willing to do the artwork.  The idea was to incorporate the band into the artwork as Garbage Pail Kids.  The idea was further enhanced by their song "Attack of the Garbage Pail Kids", which was created back in 1997.  The title of the CD "Filthy Lyrics, Happy Kids" is a good way to sum up the band, the CD, and the artwork.

Music - The Nipples: Autographed Poster:
       The Nipples were kind enough to send me one of their 11" x 17" posters.  The posters were used to promote the band and their CD.  As an added bonus, they had sent the poster over to John Pound, so he could autograph it.  

Music - The Phantom Surfers:
       The Phantom Surfers are punk/surf band from California.  The poster shown above was created by Russell Quan, one of the members of the band, and was for their 1996 single for "Istanbul/Tokyo Twist".  The poster measures 11.5" x 17".  I enlarged each of the characters/band members shown on the poster, so you can see some of the details a little better.  "Swell Mel" is Mel Bergman, "Maz Spazz" is Maz Kautuha, "Junky Johnny" is Johnny Bartlett, and "Mike Mouth" is Mike Lucas.  The style of the poster was definitely influenced by Garbage Pail Kids (e.g., name bubble, peel here arrow, character names, etc.).  

Music - Rebel Girl Underground:
       The card for Rebel Girl Underground is from Chuck's Cellar in Waikikki Hawaii.  The card measures approximately the same size as a regular Garbage Pail Kids card, 2.5" x 3.5", and it was used to promote the all-female performer event.  

Tattoo - Adam "Bomb" DeVore:
       Adam sent me a photograph of the Adam Bomb tattoo on his arm.  Adam is a DJ (disc jockey) in Atlanta, Georgia.  People have been calling him "Adam Bomb" since he was young.  When Adam started DJing, he decided to go by the nickname "Adam Bomb".  Adam got some of the tattoo artwork done at Graveside Tattoo, and the tattoo was finished at Psycho Tat2.  Since Adam has been on-air, another DJ had moved to Atlanta, and he also goes by "Adam Bomb".  However, this other DJ works at a different radio station.  Adam mentioned that "Adam Bomb" may be becoming a generic nickname for the name "Adam".  

Tattoo - Penny Dreadful:
       I was sent the photograph of the Graffiti Petey tattoo by Penny Dreadful.  Penny Dreadful is the singer of a Massachusetts band called Sh*tty Kitty.  Penny Dreadful is her stage name in the band.  The tattoo measures approximately 6" including the anarchy symbol.  The tattoo is located in the center of her back between the shoulder blades.  She had the tattoo done around 2001 at Tattoo City (700 Lombard St.) in San Francisco, CA by an artist named Dalton.  The anarchy symbol was done four or five months previous to the Graffiti Petey tattoo.  She thought it would be cool to have a punk rocker spray painting the anarchy symbol on her back, which is why she added in Graffiti Petey.  She decided the Garbage Pail Kids character Graffiti Petey since it represented her naughty/prankster nature and her issues with authority, and it was also a generational/child-of-the-1980s thing.  For the tattoo, Graffiti Petey's sneakers were changed to combat boots because she thought that would look cooler.  When I was asking her about the tattoo, she emphasized that the character was specifically Graffiti Petey and NOT New Wave Dave.  

Tattoo - Jim Stasio Jr.:
       Jim sent me the photograph of his Garbage Pail Kids logo tattoo.  Jim had collected Garbage Pail Kids since he was 5.  Some of Jim's favorite moments as a kid revolved around Garbage Pail Kids, and in a way, Garbage Pail Kids represented his childhood.  Jim wanted to show the world his passion for Garbage Pail Kids, but at the same time he also wanted to remember the child he once was made him the man he is today.  The reason Jim decided to get a Garbage Pail Kids logo tattoo instead of a tattoo of one of the Garbage Pail Kids characters is that he had too many favorite characters, and the logo tattoo would represent all of the characters.  Jim got the tattoo in late 1999, which was shortly after he graduated high school.  The tattoos surrounding the banner came after an additional 2 sittings over the next three years, and what is shown in the picture above was completed in 2002.  In my opinion, the logo tattoo looks significantly better with the surrounding tattoos, and they all blend together well.  At the time Jim got the tattoos, tattoo shops in Massachusetts were illegal.  Jim ended up having a tattoo party at his house in Salem, Massachusetts, and tattoo artist Tim Targett from Danvers, Massachusetts did all of the artwork for Jim's tattoos.
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